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Wireless Building Intercom System - Smart Communication & Access Control System - No Land-line Telephone Required - Answer-Talk-Manage + Unlock Building Entrance Door Remotely With

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Product Sku : ZDL-7150
Item Weight (In US-POUNDS):10.00
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Manufacturer: ZDL


ZDL-7150 - New Smart 7100-Series 50-Tenants Wireless Audio Intercom System

System Description: The ZDL-7150 Wireless Intercom System is an APP-Free Voice Intercom System designed to replace existing wired intercoms, and a perfect upgrade solution for older land-line telephone entry systems. System functions and operates just like any phone entry system, but include lots of unique modern functions most alternatives lacks.

Get this system working within minutes by simply inserting a Sim-Card which can be purchased from your local cell phone store, same as in your cellular phone. And upon activation, system automatically connects cellular network and should be ready to initiate outgoing and accept incoming calls to and from any phone regardless of phone type.

User Features Available In The ZDL-7150:

-   Support Up To 50-Tenants + 1-System Administrator

-   Works With Any Phone [Cell-phone Or Land-line Phone Regardless Of Phone Type]

-   Many Ways To Unlock Door:

    Accept Incoming Call To Unlock With Phone, Call System To Unlock With Phone, Unlock With Smart Card

    Unlock With Personal Code.

-   Register Up To 3-Phone Numbers For Each Apartment

-   Register Up To 3-Key Cards For Each Apartment

-   Specific Keycard For Specific Apartment

-   Specific Unlock Code For Specific Apartment

-   Residents Directory Listings

-   Mail-man/Delivery Access By Phone, Unlock Code Or Key Cards

-   Added Security: Monitors Tenants Access Records

    Phone-Incoming/Outgoing, Key-Card + Unlock Usage Records

Technical Feature:

-  Support Most Gate Openers + Electronic Door Strikes + Magnetic Locks + Request To Exit Button

-  Support IC Key Cards 

-  System Utilizes Mobile Network For Communication [SIM Card Required]

-  System Works Better With Carriers That Offers GSM Service - Works Worldwide

   [Service Carriers: USA - T-Mobile, AT & T, US Mobile, Cricket, Simple Mobile etc]

System Administrator Features:

-  Only Administrator Can Manage System Programming Menu

-   3-Separate Ways To Manage System

    System Keypad, Admin Cell-phone, PC/Laptop

-  Register New Users Via System Keypad, Admin Cell-phone, PC/Laptop

-  Modify/Edit Registered User Name + Phone By:

    System Keypad, Admin Cell-phone, PC/Laptop

-  Issue/Re-Issue/Remove Register User Unlock Key-Code & Key-Cards Using:

   System Keypad, Admin Cell-phone, PC/Laptop

-  Remove/Replace User Records Using:

   System Keypad, Admin Cell-phone, PC/Laptop

-  Manage/Set System Talk-Time To Control/Minimize Cost

-  Set/Determine System User Unlock Key-Code Combination Pattern

-  Receive Door Status Information If Enabled

-  Set/Determine Door Contact Alarm Time

-  Obtain System "User Usage Report" By Date & Time "User Audit Trail"

System Options/ Add-OnsKey-Fobs - Smart Cards [Support 150-Total Cards - Click To Add] Electronic Door Strike For Door [Add] Electronic Mag-Lock [Add] Exit Button [Add] Door Contact: ZDL-H701  Add  Rain Hood: ZDL-H7000 Hood Protector

Perfect for application that requires quick efficient system replacement. Installs easily in building Gates/Lobbies, and a Weather-proof protector is also available for outdoor installation as well. Great for Individuals or Management Companies with multitude of buildings in different geographical territories. System life-span is reliably long because replacement parts and hardware for any defective part are readily available.  

100% "Quality Guaranteed" 1-Year Equipment Warranty


ZDL-7150 - Wireless Mobile Network Voice Only Intercom System

System User Capacity: 1-Administrator + 50-Tenants

Total User Phone Support: 150-Phone Numbers

Panel Screen Size: 3.5"

Tenant Directory: Yes

System Edit: Yes [On-Site / Off-Site]

System Storage: 8-GB Storage

PC Support: Yes

Communication Details

Network Support: 2G, 3G, 3G, 4G LTE GSM Network Platform 

Network Requirement: Basic Sim Card [Same Used By Cellphones]

Service Required: Talk & Text/SMS [No Data Service Required]

User Phone Support: Support All Cellphones & Land-line Phones

Mobile Signal Stability: Very Stable 

Weather Effect On System Operation: None

Required Operating Keys On User Phone:

Cellphones: Talk Key to answer, * Key[Asterisk] to unlock door

Desktop Land-line Phones: Pickup Handset to answer, * Key[Asterisk] to unlock door

Programming & Access Control Features 

Embedded Kepad: Handles all user operation, programming & editing

Admin Password:2-6-Digit Code/Password

Card Reader: Handles new and existing user card authentication and programming

System Admin Requirement: Must register own phone number first

Admin Interraction With System: On-Site, Phone, Text/SMS, PC[Included] 

Power Supply Details

Working Voltage: 15V (AC-110V ~ 240V) World-Wide Operation [Included]

Working Current: 100mA (Standby)

Other Details

Housing/Panel Material: Aluminum

Housing Size: 11-Inches Tall / Approx: 7-Inches Wide / Approx: 1.8-Inches Thick


What’s Included In The Box?

New 1-50-User Wireless Intercom System

1-Antenna (Mobile Signal Booster)

1-Wall Housing Mounting Frame / Bracket

1-8-GB Mini-SD Card

1-USB Mini-SD card Converter

1-Power Supply (15V 1.5a)

1-System Installation Quick Guide

1-system Operating Manual

4-Wall Bracket Mounting Screws With Anchors

4-Bracket Mounting Screws

Manual & Software

ZDL-7100 System Feature Catalog - 4G SeriesZDL-7100 System Feature Catalog - 4G Series



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