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Outdoor Station Panel ZDL-A3000 - Unit Access Control Intercom System With Audio & Video Option - Talk,Listen,Release Building Door From The Simple 2-Wire Indoor Station - Program

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Product Sku : ZDL-A3000
Item Weight (In US-POUNDS):9.00
Base price for variant: $479.00
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Discount: $100.00

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Manufacturer: U-Secure


A Multi-Tenant, Multi-Building System that features many rare options like any other. You can add  Video Screen along the same CAT-5E Cable line of your Audio only Station. See illustration below:

Got Application Questions? Click Here: "My Actual Application Is" Tell Us About It........ 

Why Is This System Ideal For AV-Access Control Application?

Features full 2-Way Intercom with Audio & Video support. To add Video Screen:

                         Click Here: 7-Inch Audio Video Monitor Station For 310-Series.

System support up to 9999 Audio & Video extensions, you can add more Audio Only Indoor Stations by clicking here: Audio Only Indoor Station For 310-Series

Although, system comes with power supply (15V 1A Adapter) to power this system, but it might be ideal to add this well protected Centralized Power Supply for better and cleaner installations.

Support Multi-Entrance and Multi-Building applications. More of this unit can be installed in more than one building entrances. Meaning, you can use one set of rules to control access to those shared areas. Example: 1-Smart Key-Card for all entry points, 1-Access Code etc…..

No painful System Programming involved, all programming done right on the system. You can create Resident’s 3-4-Digit Access Code, Create Building Security Guard & Mail Delivery Personnel Access Codes, Allocate Room Numbers for Audio & Video Indoor Stations (For Visitor’s Use), Program Smart Key Cards (If Required, Click Here To Add: Smart Key Cards For 310-Series), Assign Building Management Office extension, Building, Floor Number Assignment (If more than 1-Floor), Add / Delete lost Smart Cards, Wire Access Control Devices To Unit (If Required, Must Add: Access Control Box For M-310C Series, Wire Door Control Hardware To Access Control Box (If Required, Click To Add:Electronic Door Strike Or Electro-Magnetic Lock With Exit Button)

Real stable System with very minimum failure rate which usually occur due to general Power outages. But you can easily add this Battery Backup to take care of that.

Includes 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Building Intercom System With Access Control

Support RFID/ IC Card Access Control

High Resolution Color CCD Camera

Call/ Talk/ Monitor/ Unlock/ Soft Programming

Zinc Alloy Panel with Ultra-Slim design

Night Vision Camera (With Auto sensing)

Weatherproof & Water-proof

Wall Flush mount

Simple Cat-5e cable and RJ-45 required for install

Cable Distance not a factor

Input Voltage: 15V

Operating Current: 1A

Operating Temperature:  -30℃~+70℃

Humidity:  40%~80%RH

System Size: Approx: 14.0-Inches Tall, 5.5-Inches Wide, 2.0-Inches In Thickness

Audio Only Indoor Station Size: Approx: 4.5-Inches Tall, 3.4-Inches Wide, 1.0-Inch Thick

What’s Included In The Package?

1-310C-Series Building Intercom System Outdoor Unit

1-Wall Mounting Frame / Bracket

1-Power Supply (15V 1A)

1-Installation and user operating manual

Manual & Software

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