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2 Door Home Intercom With Access Control - Control Access To 2-Separate Doors - Auto-Display Incoming Call Door Location - Touch Screen To Answer Or Ignore - Support Unlimited Sma

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Product Sku : ZDL-IP8275
Item Weight (In US-POUNDS):24.00
Base price for variant: $899.00
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Manufacturer: ZDL


ZDL-IP8675 - 2-Separate Doors Voice/Video Access Control Solution Intercom

System Operation: System basically makes 2-Separate Door Control & Monitoring simple and affordable. With support for Video/Voice, system pretty much help keep unwanted guest out until authorized. Included 7-inch Touch-Screen Monitors auto-display door location real-time video of visiting guests pending your permission or rejection. System also capable of initiating or receive calls to and from SPECIFIC INTERIOR EXTENSION within up to 12-Interior Extension group. List of features include:

-          Auto-Display Guest Video In One Or More Monitor Group Simultaneously

-          Touch To Accept, Ignore To Reject Call

-          Touch To Unlock Attached Electronic Door Lock

-          Prompts Guest To Leave A Voice Message If Unanswered

-          Intercept Call Anytime When Processing Voice Message With 1-Touch

-          Review Guest Voice/Photo Messages By Date/Time

-          Voice Call To And From Specific Extension [With 2 Or More Monitors]

-          Up To 6-Door Support [Unlock Individual Lock From Any Extension]

-          Up To 6-IP Camera Support [Sync To View In All Extension Group]

-          Integrate With Network Video Recorder

-          Monitor One Or More Door From One Or More Extension 

-          Review/Speed-Dial Missed Calls

-          New Voice-Message Alert

-          One Touch Door Monitoring With Snap-Shot Option

-          1-Smart Key-Card For Use With 1 Or More Door Extension Group

Additional technical features include:  Private Call Between Extensions - Adjustable E-Lock Unlock Time-Delay Up To 300-Seconds - Choice Of Screen Saver [Digital/Analog Clock, etc..] - Choice Of Ring-Tones [MP3 File – Upload able] - Current Time/Date Display - Option To Sync Up To 12-Screen For In-house Point-To-Point Calling  - Hands-Free Auto-Answer Of Incoming Call [Talk/Hear Hands-Free] - Option To Integrate Remote Control To Unlock Electronic Lock - Option To Integrate Keypad [Use Code To Unlock Electronic Lock] - Choice Of Screen-Background Wallpaper - Developer Options: [Security, Smart home Integration] - Updates/Customization [Available]

Note: System Not Accessible Over Network [System Create Own Network]

System Add-On & Options:

This Door Station Camera: ZDL-IP8R (6-Doors Max) This Monitor ZDL-IP75T (12-Monitors Max) 

POE-Switch: ZDL-IP-0410F Included - (4-Ports POE Switch). (8-Port Includes Over 4- Monitor Order)

Electronic Locks: Door Strikes (Maximum Of 6-Locks) Magnetic Locks

Other Options: Request To Exit Button  (Required for Mag-Lock) Smart Key-Cards (Add For Easy Access)

100% "Quality Guaranteed" 1-Year Equipment Warranty


ZDL-IP8R (Outdoor Station Panel With Camera)

Technical Details:

Linux OS-Based System 

Camera: 1.3-Mega-Pixel Wide Angle Lens Camera

Buil-In Mic

Built-In Speaker

IR-Day & Night Support: Yes

Lux: 0 (With IR On)

Lens: 2.8 (Fixed) (Wide)

Built-In Smart Card Reader: Yes (EM-Keyfob) 

E-Lock Support: Most Electronic Lock Supported

Alarm Support: Yes

Door Station Size: H: 5.5" / W: 3.5" / D: 1.5" (With Mount Bracket)

Outdoor Station: Vandal-Proof Weather-Proof Solid Steel

Power: POE / Optional 2-Power Wire (AC100-240V - DC 15V 1.2Amp)

Operating Temperature: -20°C- +70°C

Humidity: 10%-80%

Surface Flush Mount


ZDL-IP75T (7-Inch Indoor Touch-Screen POE-Monitor)

System Audio/Video

Screen: TFT LCD Touch Screen

Resolution: 1280 X 800

Mic: Built-in MIC, 

Speaker: In-Built 


Functions: High-Quality Image Display / DND/ Electronic Lock Control /Door Activity Monitoring / Call / Receive Call / Check Missed Calls / Review Events By Date & Time and more.

Monitor Size: H: 7.0" / W: 10.2/ D: 0.5

Power: POE (With Optional 2-Power Wire)

Surface Flush Mount

Indoor Monitor Housing: Acrylic/Touch-Screen


Other System Configuration 

Voice/Video Over IP-LAN Operation Only (No Internet Access At This Time) 

Wiring / Connection: Cat5E - RJ45-Plug (568B - Straight-Thru Pin-Out) / Other Option: 18-Guage 4 Conductor

Menu Configurable: None Required (Simple Extension Addition, Date & Time / Other Basic Configuration)

Advance Enhancement: Requires Qualified Technician


System OS/Software 



What's Included

1-7" Touchscreen Monitor

1-Monitor Wall Bracket (Desktop Bracket Available. Click Here To Add: Monitor Desktop Stand)

2-Outdoor Panel (Door Station Camera)

2-Door Panel Bracket (Wall Flush Mount)

1X 4-Port Ethernet POE Switch

1-5Amp Adapter (AC100 - 240V) Works Worldwide

1-System Operation & Installation manual 

1-Mounting Screw bag

Manual & Software

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