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Card Operated Door Lock - Complete Standalone System - Touch Memory Card Operated - Computer Generated Encrypted Key Cards - Customizable Key Card Operating Assignment - Model - H=

Door Card Lock System
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Product Sku : H-998-HAK
Item Weight (In US-POUNDS):10.00
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Manufacturer: U-Secure


Utilizes Texas Instruments TM/IB Keycards & Mechanical Key

The TB/IB Card Door Lock is a Stand-Alone Lock System that require no wiring, easy 1 2 3 steps with hassle free installation. Utilizes the Encrypted Key Card generated by the Management Server Software in conjunction with the Operational Software aboard the Lock.
This Lock System basically gives you the authority to decide Who, When, Duration, & Termination of Access to an area within a given premises that require Access Control.


 If You Need 1-10pcs Of This Lock For Your Application, Click Here: Pre-Programmed Contact Locks With 5-Working Key-Cards (Works Right Out Of The Box)

For Larger Projects, Read-on

Lock Operation – Require DALLAS Texas Instrument Touch Memory TM® Or IB - Contact Card. Included Optional Backup Mechanical Lock (Emergency Lock)
You will be able to customize
1. Limit Key Cards By The Embedded Lock’s Clock
2. Customize Key Cards Security Levels
3. Customize Key Cards Functionalities
Example: In An Hotel Environment
Master Key Card: Will have ultimate Access & Control of entire system with No Time Limit, Activate & Deactivate the Deadbolt feature of the Lock System and more.
Building Key Card: Can Access authorize areas of a SpecificBuilding or Buildings without any authority to Deactivate the Deadbolt Feature of the Lock System, and with Time Limit. (Or Otherwise)
Floor Card: Grant Access to a Specific Floor or Floors of a Multi-UnitBuilding without authority to Deactivate the Deadbolt Feature of the Lock System, and with Time Limit. (Or Otherwise)
House Keepers Cards: Will grant Access based on Work/Floor assigned within a given time frame. Can not Deactivate the Deadbolt Feature of the Lock System.
Guest/Customer Card: Grant Access to a Specific Room within a given time frame.
Other Features Include:
Auto Lock within 7 seconds
Auto Lock Pause (Locking Feature can be placed on hold during or for a scheduled Meeting)
Do Not Disturb Feature (Can be activated by Guest, Only Master Key Card can override)


Compatible Cards: DALLAS Texas Instrument ® TM/IB Contact Card
Power Supply: 4 Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries.
Battery Life: About 18 months for normal state, depending on both usage and climate condition.
Low Voltage Warning: When power is less than 4.5 Volt, the Lock will remind you by showing signs, but will still process up to about 200 unlock operations pending Battery replacement.
Static Consumption: 12uA.
Dynamic Consumption: 180mA

Manual & Software



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