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Computer Keyboard Monitoring - Flash Drive Based - 256MB Storage - No Additional Software & Hardware Required

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Product Sku : CPK-05
Item Weight (In US-POUNDS):1.00
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Manufacturer: I-Soft


No Installation Required

No Software Required

No Power Source Or Storage Required

This FLASH-DRIVE tracks and log every keys struck on a keyboard typically in a covert manner. Just push it in an open USB port of the target COMPUTER, and the surveillance is on. Absolutely no Software, power source or storage needed.

No installation required, just Plug & Play. Completely undetectable by any anti-virus programs, and all data captured stays on the DRIVE without a chance of loosing a single bit of it. Since PASSWORD will be required to access this drive, the chances of being detected should be unreal.

All data collected from all session keystrokes will be saved as .txt format file (Text-File), which will be accessible with a password using any Windows PC, Linux or DOS and more.


The device applies to all PS/2 or USB type keyboard.
 Plug and play, no need to install software.
 Entered automatically record the contents of the keyboard.
 The size of a small, easy to install, can not easily be detected.
 No noise, no lights, the computer switch does not affect for their working.
 After recording finished, can plug any other computer to read records.
 Records quickly and the remaining available space, delete records, search records of a specific character.
 Notepad procedures used can easily operate the device.
 The device cannot be detected by anti-software.
 Device will not have any display information to ensure an excellent occult.
Recording Mode: Support any systems
 Playback Mode: Support Windows XP, Vista Windows 7, do not support MAC
Color: Black
 Size: 70 x 18 x 14mm
Comes with all required accessories

Manual & Software



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