Fingerprint Single/Double Glass Door Lock


Fingerprint Single/Double Glass Door Lock


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2.4-Inch Digital Screen, Support 100-Fingerprint Users, 1000-Card Or Access Code Users, Stores About 10,000 Retrievable Records, 14-Months Of 4-AA-Alkaline Battery Working Life, Low Battery Warning, Doorbell Function

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The CD-668 Fingerprint Single/Double Glass Door Lock is a Biometric, RF-Card, Mobile APP and Access Code operated lock designed for frame and frame-less glass doors.

Lock Features

— Grant Access With Fingerprint, Card, Access Code & Mobile APP

— 2.4-Inch Digital Screen

— Support 100-Fingerprint Users

— 1000-Card Or Access Code Users

— Stores About 10,000 Retrievable Records

—  14-Months Of 4-AA-Alkaline Battery Working Life

— Low Battery Warning

— Doorbell Function

— Emergency Access With Embedded Micro USB

— Support Mobile APP [Tuya APP]

— Design To Fit Double, Single & Framed Glass Doors

Application Scope

Ideal for Interior & Exterior Glass Doors, and most Share Entry Front Glass Doors. Great for Store Front Glass Doors, Hotels, Motels, Apartment Condos, Offices, Resorts & Conference Center entry glass doors. Can replace existing Glass Door Lock or prep for Brand New Door applications.

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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


CD-668 Fingerprint Single/Double Glass Door Lock

— Display Screen + Size: TFT 2.4-Inches

— Opening Ways: Fingerprint, Card, Access Code, Mobile APP, Micro USB Port [For Emergency Unlock]

— Opening From Interior: Unlock Turn Handle-like Knob

— Programming Methods: KeyPad, Mobile APP

— Card type: Milfare-1 [13.5MHz]

— Card Programming: Using KeyPad, APP

— Power: 4-AA Alkaline Batteries [Not Included]

— Record Capacity: 100,000

— Code Length: 6-Digits

— User Code Capacity: 1000

–User Card Capacity: 1000

— User Fingerprint Capacity: 100

— Records Downloads: Via USB Port

— Working temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C

— Working Humidity: 5~95%RH

— Available Indicators: Lights & Sounds

— Low Battery Battery Warning? Yes

— Compatible Glass Door Type:

— Single Opening Glass Door

— Double Opening Glass Door

— Frame Glass Door

— Dimension: 7.5 X 3.1 X 2.9 Inches

What’s Included In The Package

— Front + Back Lock Hardware

— Door Catch Hardware

— Mounting Parts + Screws

— Installation Template

— Assembly Instructions

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty


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