Fingerprint Sliding Door Lock With Bluetooth Mobile APP

Fingerprint Sliding Door Lock With Bluetooth Mobile APP

$499.00 $479.00

5-N-1 Operation Sliding Door Biometric Door Lock System. Unlock with Bluetooth Mobile APP, Fingerprint, KeyCode & Mechanical Keys.

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This item: Fingerprint Sliding Door Lock With Bluetooth Mobile APP
$499.00 $479.00
$499.00 $479.00
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The H-929-33-FMS Fingerprint Sliding Door Lock With Bluetooth Mobile APP is a Fingerprint, KeyCard + KeyCode + Bluetooth Mobile APP + Mechanical Operated Stainless Steel Sliding Door Electronic Lock System. With support for up to 250-KeyCard + KeyCode users + 1-Administrator, lock requires only 4-Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries with normal working life of up to 18-months to function.

The H-929-33MS Sliding Door Lock System requires no Management Software for programming, lock Bluetooth Mobile APP support all operating configuration like User Registrations and Deletion, Passage Mode to unlock and auto-lock between set time, Temporary Access Code that expires within set time-line and more. Support Milfare-1 S50 Card to accept/reject access, and capable of accepting up to 8-digit Access Code.

Lock Features

> Support Mil-fare-1 S50 RFID Card

> Unlock With Card, Code , Bluetooth Mobile APP Mechanical Keys

> 18-Months Of 4-AAA Standard Alkaline Battery Working Life

> Remote Unlock With Mobile Phone

> Local Unlock Mode [Without Cell Phone]

> Remote Download Of User Events [Audit Trail – Lock Event Records]

> Purse Auto-Locking Function Temporarily For Meetings & Special Events

> Hidden Cylinder For Added Security

> Advanced Micro-Wave Reader Sensor For Energy Savings

> Panic Release ANSI Mortise For Fast & Easy Egress.

> Scrambling Code Technology [Access Code Guessing Prevention] For Optimized Security

> Support Android Cell Phones

Application Scope

Ideal for Wooden, Aluminum [Interior & Share Entry Front Doors], Metal [Interior & Share Entry Front Doors]. Apartment Condos, AIRBNB, Offices, Clinics and most Commercial applications. Great for existing Lock replacement and Brand New Door applications

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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


H-929-33-FMS Fingerprint Sliding Door Lock With Bluetooth Mobile APP


> Opening Ways: Fingerprint, Mobile APP, Card, CODE, Or Mechanical Keys [2-Mechanical Keys Included]

> Programming Methods: With KeyPad, Bluetooth Mobile APP

> Card Type Support: Milfare-1 S50

> User Support: 1-Administrator + 250-Regular Users

> Required Power: 4-AAA Standard Alkaline Batteries

— Static consumption: 12uA

— Dynamic consumption: 300mA

— Humidity: 20%-80%

— Working temperature: 14-Deg.F – 140-Deg.F

> Available Indicators: Lights & Sounds

> Low Battery Battery Warning? Yes

> Available Lock Lever Orientation:

— Right Hand Pull

— Right Hand Push

— Left Hand Pull

— Left Hand Push

— Compatible Mortise Size: 1 3/8-Inches & 1 3/8 Inches.

— Lock System Size: [H] 11.4 X [W] 1.3/8 [T] 0.5 Inches

What’s Included In The Package

— Front + Back Lock Handles

— Deadbolt Mortise

— Mounting Parts + Screws

— Installation Template

— Assembly Instructions

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty


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