H-918-88F U-Secure Fingerprint Lock

H-918-88F U-Secure Fingerprint Lock

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H-918-88F Fingerprint / Keypad Lock System built to replace existing Home/Office regular knob locks..

Reversible Handle Solid Stainless Steel locking system desgned to fit wide range of existing lock holes.


– 3-Operating Methods (Fingerprint, 3 ~ 12-Digit Pin-Code, Duplicate-proof Mechanical Keys)

– Auto-Lock Approximately 7-Seconds

– Single Latch (Optional Available Mortise: ANSI-S #1, Mortise #2, Mortise 5050)

– Invisible Keypad (Lights-up When Touched)

– Scramble-Code Function (Adds “Random” secret Code To Pin-Code. Prevents Peeping)

– Water-proof, Weather-proof, Fire-proof, Static Resistance

– Pick-Resistance, Vandal-Resistance

– Pin-Code Protection (Locks After 6th Attempts, Master Overrides)

– 3-Alarming Modes: (Tampered, Door Agile, Low Voltage)

– Option Of single or Double Identification Mode:

(Single: By Pin-code Only / Fingerprint Only / By Mechanical Key)

(Double: Pin-code plus Fingerprint)

– Meeting Mode: (Temporary Set To Stay Open With Override)

– 2-Year Battery Life

– Up To 400-Operation With Low Battery Charge

– Emergency External 9V-Battery Connector (Emergency Opening)

User Capacity

Top Level (Master) Fingerprint Users: 5 / Top Level (Master) Pin-Code Users: 5

Regular Level Fingerprint Users: 50 / Regular Level Pin-Code Users: 50

Regular Users (Username By ID) Fingerprint & Pin-Code: 120

Installation and programming is easy. Ideal for homes, offices and other similar applications. Lock electronic parts can easily be removed for repair without the need of removing entire lock assembly, and can easily plug right into slot after repair.

100% 2-Year Hardware Warranty Included


H-918-88F Fingerprint / Keypad Lock System

Technical Details

– Operating Methods: Fingerprint / Pin-code/ Fingerprint + Pin-Code / Mechanical Key.

– Pin-Code Length: 3 ~12 Digits Codes

– Fingerprint Users: 55 Users. (5 Master Users, 50 Normal Users).

– Password Users: 55 Users. (5 Master Users, 50 Normal Users).

– ID Users: 120 Users. (Fingerprint/ Password/ Fingerprint + Password).

Working Voltage: 6V DC (4 *AA alkaline battery).

– Consumption: Working Current 300mA, Static Current 12uA.

– Working Temperature: -20℃~65℃.

– Working Humidity: 50%~90%

– Alarming Voltage: 5V


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