H-RF9 RFID Card Read Write Encoder + Management Software

H-RF9 RFID Card Read Write Encoder + Management Software

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The H-RF9 RFID 13.56MHZ Keycard Encoder helps with data transfer and sharing between your Front Desk PC and the Locks. Keep in mind that your Locks aren’t wired back to your Front Desk PC. The Encoding Machine comes with a Management Software that performs functions like reservations, registrations, billing, Keycard Encryption (Issuing Valid Keycards) to guests, employees, elevators, doors and basic Point Of Sale functions.

Comes with 5-Blank Keycards, PC-Connectivity cable, CD-Software inclusive of drivers, installation and operation steps, troubleshooting and maintenance steps.

Application Scope

Read / Write / Erase Keycard Information by way of encryption. Works with RFID Contact-less Door Locks / Contact-Less Lock Kits / Keypad/RFID Card Locks  /  Keypad/RFID Lock Kits  / Contact-less RFID Cabinet Lock.

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


H-RF9 RFID Card Read Write Encoder + Management Software

— Read / Write / Erase Keycard Information

— Support The H-Series Hotel/Motel/Resorts/Airbnb  Lock Systems

— Stores information till overwritten

— Compact size lightweight device

— Material: Made with durable plastic material

— PC Connectivity: USB

— Obtain Power Via USB

— Communication With PC Via USB

— Database Sharing: Possible

— Operating System Supported:  Microsoft Windows 2K/2K3/XP/VISTA/7 32/64-bit (Does not support Mac at the moment)

— Size: Approximately: 5(L) X 3.5(W) X 3.4(H) In Inches


What’s Included In The Package

— 1-Keycard Encoder

— 5-Blank Keycards

— 1-PC Cable (It’s Also The Power Supply)

— 1-PMS Encoding Software CD [Management Software]

— Software Product License

— 1-Installation & User Manual

Manufacturer Warranty

2-Year Hardware Warranty


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