Large Capacity Mifare-1 S-70- Lock Data Capture Card

Large Capacity Mifare-1 S-70- Lock Data Capture Card

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RFID Lock Data Card – Milfare-1 S70 – Radio Frequency Identification Lock Data Capture Card

RFID Card Lock System Transaction Data Capture Card for your Hotel/Motels, Offices, Gyms, Multi-Dwelling Apartment Buildings, Nursing & Group Homes, and other Access Control applications. This Secure Large Capacity Milfare-1 S70 RFID Data Card is an optional tool that will only be required if need to to capture Lock Activity arises. However, the 13.56MHZ Keycard Encoding Machine will still be required to read Lock Events captured by this card. Automated Lock Data Capture Machine is equally available to handle this task especially if you choose not handle this process manually.  You can click on RFID Data Collector below to read more about this device. But this Data card will require the Reader below to work…..

13.56MHZ Radio Frequecy Identification Keycard Encoding Machine

And if automation is required, click this link to read more about RFID Data Collector

Works with the following Lock System categories:

RFID Contact-less Door Locks / Contact-Less Lock Kits / Keypad/RFID Card Locks  /    Keypad/RFID Lock Kits  / Contact-less RFID Cabinet LockClick any category link of choice to read more…….

High quality card with very limited fail-rate. personalization of card available by providing your Company LOGO for imprint FREE if you order at least 350-pcs of keycards with this Card. Or, you can order less quantity and pay for imprings.. Contact us at 708-841-8300 or Email Our: Sales Support to get a quote.

1-Year Product Warranty Included


Re-usable RFID 13.56MHZ Contact-less Milfare-1 S70 Data Card

Comes in different shapes and colors

No wear points, no maintenance, sealed re-usable Card 

Works with most of our Access Control Devices, Lock & Intercom Systems
Can be customized with your Company LOGO (Must Order 350pcs Keycards plus this)

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Material: Plastic ABS

Size:  3.37-Inches X  2.125-Inches

Thickness: 0.031-Inch      

Chip Type:  Texas Instruments (TI-Chip)

Frequency:    13.56MHz

Memory Size:  4K

Write Cycles: 100,000 times

Working Temp: -20°C~+100 °C

Reading Distance: Up to 3.937-inches


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