Smart Card Single Latch Lock System

Smart Card Single Latch Lock System

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Smart Card Single Latch Lock – Designed To Replace Existing Hotel/Motel/Office/Gym Lock System

Utilizes Encrypted Key Card generated by Proprietary Encoding Hardware & Management Software listed below.

Require insertion of Secure Encrypted Smart Keycard to grant or reject access.

Single Latch Lock designed to replace existing Hotel/Motel/Office Lock System High Quality Solid Steel, Chipsets and Encrypted secure IC-Smart card made in Germany by SIEMENS.Excellent maintenance free reliable lock system. Take a look at the illustrative sample image below that shows all included components of this lock. Include the Front/Rear Steel Housings, Cylinder & Duplicate-proof Emergency Mechanical Keys.

Features instant Panic Release (Latch auto-release), approximately 12-months of battery life, duplicate-proof Mechanical Keys, auto-engage within 7-seconds of closing actual door, Free Passage option (Deactivate Lock For A Meeting), Do Not Disturb function (By engaging deadbolt, option to override with Master Keycard), blacklist lost keycards, remembers the last 256-opening records, retrievable Lock records (Require Data Collection Card).

How Does This Lock Works?

Lock has an inbuilt card reader with a top slot for Keycard (s) insertion. The Keycard (s) stores the Digital Signature Encrypted by the compatible Encoder for acceptance “only” by this lock, and upon verification grant or restrict access. Simple…. Perfect option for Hotel/Motels, Offices, Gyms, Multi-Dwelling Apartment Buildings, Nursing & Group Homes, and other Access Control applications. Not sure if this Lock will work for you? Click Ask A Question About This Productor contact us at 708-841-8300 to inquire about how to customize Locks with required Software for your operation.

Required Hardware/Accessories For Commercial Operation:

Note: For simple home/office/Gym solution that requires less than 15-Locks, Click Here To View Pre-Programmed Lock Options. (Pre-Programmed with 5-Keycards, Delivered To Your Door-steps In 100% Working Condition & Ready To Install)

1. Keycard Encoder – This machine Securely Write information the Lock have to follow on the Keycards. Click to read more… IC-Keycard Encoding Machine

2. KeyCards – Your means of communicating with the Lock. Stores and interpret information Encrypted by Encoder. Click to read more .. IC-Lock Keycard

Optional Hardware/Accessories For Commercial Use:

3. Data Collection Machine – Hand-held Data Extractor. Provides Transaction Audit of all Keycards used on the Lock. Click here to read more .. IC-Lock Data Collector

4. Shared Entry Point Access Control Reader: – Validates Guest/Tenant Keycards to grant/reject access to Common Doors (Example: Hote Back/Side Doors) Click to read more: Shared Entry Access Control Reader


1-Year Full Warranty – Quality Guaranteed

Handle: Free Spinning Handle

Compatible Board: SIEMENS

Compatible Cards: German Siemens 4442 IC-Card.

Power Supply: 4 Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)

Battery Life: About 12 months for normal use, depending on both usage and climate condition.

Low Voltage Warning: When power is less than 4.5 Volt, the Lock will remind you by showing weakness signs, but will still process up to about 200 operations pending Battery replacement. But adding an Energy Saving Switch will eliminate that completely.

Engaging Interval: Within 7-seconds of closing door.

Card Life-span: Over 100,000 times, if handled properly.

Failure Rate: Zero

Static Power Consumption: 3uA

Dynamic Power Consumption: 180uA

Emergency Access: Master Card override, Duplicate-proof Keys

Door Thickness: Between: Atleast1.18-Inches

Door Edge/Space(If a Designer Door): Must be at least about 4.3-Inches

Actual Lock Panel/Housing Size: Height= 8.661-inches / Width=Approx. 2.9-inches / Thickness= 0.65-inches

Latch Size: Optional: 60 Or 70mm

Handle Orientation: We will contact you

Weight: Approx. 11Ibs

What’s Included In The Box

1-Complete Lock-Set (With Front & Rear Handle Panel)

2-Mechanical (Physical) Key

1-Mortise With All Required Hardware & Fittings

1-Frame Plate

Required Mounting Screws

1-Lock Installation Instruction & Template

1-Operating Manual


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